The Tiger Story

Tiger Marketing LLC : Digital Marketing for the private business

Tiger Marketing LLC was founded in 2019 with the purpose of providing online digital marketing solutions for business owners. Tiger Marketing currently specializes in SEO, and website design, and online branding. Our practices involve, bringing a hands on and personal approach to discover the needs of each individual’s marketing goals, and bring them to a reality.

Our story is about telling your story. The digital age allows for more people than ever to interact and grow their brand and customer base on the internet. The mission of the Tiger team is to take you there with a proper digital marketing strategy. We bring you into the internet in way’s that are effective and get results for your business.

We grow the small to medium sized cats, into the tigers of their market and industry. The Tiger team is founded on being the online and digital marketing differentiation that helps you stand out from your competition.

“The tiger is the most recognizable animal on the planet. It’s brilliant colors, immense power, and grace compose it as the top predator of it’s food chain… Our goal at Tiger is to turn the businesses we work with, into tiger’s of marketing. “

Joseph Salvatore
Owner, Tiger Marketing LLC