Easy SEO tips for small businesses

How to win at SEO, with any face to face small business.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter oh my!

There are many social media platforms today, that have a direct influence on your company’s image. Nowadays it is estimated that up to 90% of people search a business online, before visiting (Forbes). A few bad reviews from irate customers can really hurt your brand image!

You may say “But I don’t, understand the internet as well as others.” or “Social Media, SEO, I’ve heard of these things but what do they have to do with me?”

Well as a business owner luckily these two concepts tie together. Social Media is great for people to see your business activities and announcements. SEO (search engine optimization) simply makes those online activities more accessible for your customers to see. So now let’s sum these ideas with a more inclusive question,

How can I use simple SEO and Social Media tactics to help my small business?


  1. If you haven’t already, claim your accounts on Google, Yelp, Yahoo Business, and any social media page’s that may have been created for you (I see it all the time where companies have Facebook and twitter pages they don’t even know about!)
  2. Once you have your pages under your management (or newly created new ones) Update the basic info and pictures, so everything is correct. Now the hard part is out of the way. Your next step is to improve those reviews!
  3. Write down the web address of your business pages.
  4. Now head on over to your local print shop or vistaprint.com and print out these “review cards” with this information on it. Should cost you no more than $30 and a few hours on a Saturday to get this all done.
  5. Now when when you have these cards hand them out to your best customers. Ask them to leave you a review on the internet if they enjoyed your service.

Wallah! You have successfully started a digital strategy with minimal work of even touching a keyboard. This may take a some time to take effect (depending on how many of your customers you see) but the reward will be a huge internet representation without the need of hiring anyone. Even if you still aren’t comfortable with navigating the internet and doing these things yourself, you can easily have a young intern, family relative, or one of your current employees do this with you.

I hope you enjoyed the article, please share this article with anyone else you know who needs assistance with their digital strategy.

Provided by Tiger Marketing LLC