Joseph Segreto ’18

At first this was only an idea that I had in my final days of college. Shortly after graduation from Auburn University I started Tiger Marketing LLC equipped with my degree, experience, and certifications( as well as some vigor).

While at Auburn, I had the privilege to gain hands on marketing experience by organizing and promoting events and growing my business fraternity on campus. We organized formal celebrations, community building, and hosted tailgates for our alumni.

At Auburn I was instructed by some of the greatest marketing professors in region. They introduced me to pricing models and technological product design while we consulted abroad in Rome, Italy. This experience had a profound effect on marketing planning and product launching for large markets.

I was a key player of the Harbert College of Businesses’ Office of Professional and Career Development. We organized public speaking events, entertained and networked with professionals at our Legends and Leaders conference, and grew the college’s reputation as a result.

My next and forever venture will always be the in the pursuit of business. Digital Marketing is the marketing field of today. It is rapidly changing field as new legislation, algorythms, and redesigns are constantly changing how we interact with the internet. The digital marketing sector is an effective way for a company to build a brand, generate new leads, and grow a business overall. With so many possibilities today, it takes a sharp mind to keep up with all the opportunities now available.

Whatever your marketing goals are, please reach out to me via the website or contact me on linkedin.

Thank you,

Joseph Salvatore Segreto