How to grow a social media account in 2019

We are all trying our best to grow our social media accounts, whether for business or personal purposes. 2019 brings with it more complexity and changes to the field.

Here are some quick tips to employ in your growth strategy.

Engage in a niche

Surprise, surprise, if you are after growing your account then you are going to have spend time and give back. The best way to start out is to engage in your immediate communities and niche. For example, if your account is a small business, in a town then be sure to follow all the local accounts. Local influencers/ business owners, and politicians are also key people to engage and interact with as many of them are trying to grow their accounts.

Produce relevant content:

This is a post all in its own. I won’t get into specifics of how to formulate posts, content calendars, SEO, or anything like that right now. Keep in mind though all your content should be revolved around your niche community. If you are trying to make it in the local wildlife/nature niche, make posts about hiking routes in the area. If your town is hosting a festival, be sure to promote your pizzeria’s special deal associated with that event.

Material Resourcing:

Using your past content and reworking your content from other mediums is a great way to keep consistently posting fresh topics with new ideas. Many content creators try and create a new topic out of thin air for every new post, which is very strenuous. My suggestion is to break up some of your bigger materials into smaller more consumable pieces. For example, take one of your 400 word blog posts and make 4 short posts about specific things mentioned in the blog.

SEO chains and backlinks:

Properly utilizing your SEO can go a long way into account growth. People consume content in different forms and mediums. If you have even one person reading your blog that doesn’t follow you on social, you want to make it your mission to get them to follow you on everything. Diversification across social media is the best way to stay up with the trends. Having 10,000 followers across 4 platforms is more valuable then 10,000 on only a single platform.

I hope you have enjoyed these quick tips to social media account growth strategies.

Keep them in mind while you grow your accounts. More in depth break downs will be on the way.

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STOP! 3 content questions to ask yourself before posting [quick tip]

STOP! Don’t post another LinkedIn article or respond to a comment, which can potentially hurt your brand or clutter your notifications with irrelevant material, until you ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Is it educational? We all love to share! But information that isn’t useful or worthwhile, just takes up space. Writers often call this “filler words” or “fluff” but the principle applies everywhere. You don’t have to worry though, just be sure to edit your posts with this in mind.
  2. Is it personal ? Nobody likes talking to a robot, if that were the case Siri would be everybody’s best friend. Be personable on the internet, it makes us all feel more involved. Use personal pronouns “you” and “we”, as well as conjunctions to be more informal (its the internet, not a dinner party) *never forget grammar though
  3. Is it entertaining? If your opinion generally doesn’t add a flare of your personality, you are really missing out on providing an interesting anecdote to a conversation. Next time you should respond or share that news article with some character or humor, pzazz up your posts!

There you have it folks, keep these 3 golden rules in mind when creating content, responding to articles, or commenting on updates in your network. Remember, everything you do online is content for your personal brand.

Provided by Tiger Marketing LLC