Forget traditional SEO. Yoast, Blog, and Backlink.

1998 (I know seems like yesterday) was a big year for the internet. It was the year Google was first incorporated. Now here we are in 2019, doing whatever we can to adjust our online tactics so we appear more favorable in their search results to gain exposure to our local niches, sounds about right? Here are the new and tried and true tactics that Google loves, and you can too, to improve your websites SEO!

Yoast SEO: As you continually build your website up over the years, more page optimization will be required. Keyword remain an important part of a website for Google algorithm to crawl, but don’t try writing a novel on your website because you “want more keywords”. This practice is so outdated and makes your online presence so confusing for your customers.

More refined and small scale tactics are what work best for everyone experience now, like further optimizing your meta descriptions and “H-tags” are more important than unnecessarily lengthy content. After all, your pages should be easy not only for your customers to navigate, but anyone on the internet looking for the content your pages provide. Improving your Yoast score remains an industry standard for keeping a website up to date and responsive for its users.

Blogging represents the tried and true method of improving website content. Not only is the material reusable for your social media presence but it provides a great way to rank for some new keywords, provide engaging content, and keeps your website active. Blogging takes a fair amount of resources and material to do correctly, which is why establishing a content calendar is key for effective blogging. Many content posting calendars focus around holiday related material, like a marketing blog may post “5 tactics Nike used this 4th of July to boost sales”.

Internal and Backlink strategy: Referrals from other noteworthy domains are becoming the most prevalent form of SEO work as keywords become more overused and devalued. Here is an example of me using an internal link for my other blog post about how to promote yourself online for a trade show appearance, click here. This internal link leads the reader (you) to my other blog posts and more down my website content. is a noteworthy domain that is primarily used as a way for individuals to get a notable back link. Take a look at the layout of some of your favorite Forbes articles’ and look for the author’s back-links to their home sites.

These are a few of the tactics that should be incorporated into every website managers plan, and they are just a few practices and techniques in my package to clients.

If your website isn’t incorporating these 3 best tactics for website SEO success , then you need a new strategy.

How to grow a social media account in 2019

We are all trying our best to grow our social media accounts, whether for business or personal purposes. 2019 brings with it more complexity and changes to the field.

Here are some quick tips to employ in your growth strategy.

Engage in a niche

Surprise, surprise, if you are after growing your account then you are going to have spend time and give back. The best way to start out is to engage in your immediate communities and niche. For example, if your account is a small business, in a town then be sure to follow all the local accounts. Local influencers/ business owners, and politicians are also key people to engage and interact with as many of them are trying to grow their accounts.

Produce relevant content:

This is a post all in its own. I won’t get into specifics of how to formulate posts, content calendars, SEO, or anything like that right now. Keep in mind though all your content should be revolved around your niche community. If you are trying to make it in the local wildlife/nature niche, make posts about hiking routes in the area. If your town is hosting a festival, be sure to promote your pizzeria’s special deal associated with that event.

Material Resourcing:

Using your past content and reworking your content from other mediums is a great way to keep consistently posting fresh topics with new ideas. Many content creators try and create a new topic out of thin air for every new post, which is very strenuous. My suggestion is to break up some of your bigger materials into smaller more consumable pieces. For example, take one of your 400 word blog posts and make 4 short posts about specific things mentioned in the blog.

SEO chains and backlinks:

Properly utilizing your SEO can go a long way into account growth. People consume content in different forms and mediums. If you have even one person reading your blog that doesn’t follow you on social, you want to make it your mission to get them to follow you on everything. Diversification across social media is the best way to stay up with the trends. Having 10,000 followers across 4 platforms is more valuable then 10,000 on only a single platform.

I hope you have enjoyed these quick tips to social media account growth strategies.

Keep them in mind while you grow your accounts. More in depth break downs will be on the way.

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The 4 key factors that will make your ads go from ok, to GREAT

Every now and then a great advertisement comes along that is entertaining, informative, and goes viral. Everyone can probably think of a few great ads they’ve seen that highly relate to them and even incited a purchase. For me those Old Spice commercials, Shaquille O’neall in Gold Bond, or Dollar shave club, really made for quite the memorable ads for me. There are some exciting new companies since those early 2000s ads, and they’re doing video ads even better. One example is William Painters new sunglasses ad.

All of these ads had a few simple traits to them that made them great and memorable. So here is the breakdown of the key factors and elements that make an ad go from ok, to great!

Problem definition

Establishing a problem right from the beginning of the video the William Painter ad asks “Why are sunglasses so expensive, yet break all the time?” This makes it clear to consumers what you are talking about and why the problem is prevalent.

Solution offering:

William painter immediately follows their question with their product offering and solution. A product or service offering, should clarify exactly how and why your company’s product or service is the solution for the problem.

Building rapport

Building report is the next phase, which can be done through a variety of appeals. All great commercials have emotional appeals, logical appeals and credible appeals to their audience. This is why many commercials show data, use comedy (as humor is one of the strongest human emotions), or a credible influencer (Tim Ferris in this case) on the topic discussed.

This is also the best time to tell people who your company is, where you come from, and where you are trying to go (typically this is where innovations are shown) . This is a brand building stage that allows consumers to build trust in your company.

For example William Painter’s commercial is young and comedic in theme which are now what their consumers will associate with their brand. If you’re a healthcare group running a commercial, perhaps a more effective commercial theme would be to emotions associated with compassion, and caring, to build a brand around that those things. People certainly take their personal health seriously so any comedic material may be seen as unprofessional, or even uncaring! While with sunglasses the opposite may be true. The product is revolved around beach and outdoor activities which are usually lots of fun and easygoing, a better comedic environment.

Restablish the problem and offering

Reestablishing and communicating the problem, is where you tie your company mission to the product and solving the problem at hand. This is why proper commercials will showcase their slogan’s at the end and restablish their credibility to solving the problem for the consumer(you).


Many companies confuse this order and don’t introduce who they are until the end of an advertisement. Company’s also make the mistake of trying to build rapport before offering to solve a problem. It is as improper as starting a conversation with a new person without giving them your name. These bad practices typically confuse the consumer, and make the advertisement more forgettable. The last thing a company should do is spend lots of money making a commercial, only to miss simple communication steps.

There you have it! Try and consider this framework the next time you see a great advertisement, or try and make one for yourself.

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5 tips to stand out from crowd: Trade Shows

So you’ve come along and decided to take your marketing efforts to the trade show floor. Here’s the tips my team employees for success and getting the most leads out of a trade show as possible. Things to consider are that trade shows can cost lots of money for tables and have lots of associated fees, not to mention travel cost if your’e traveling out of town. So for us when we hit the show floor, we want to bring our “A” game. So without further ado, here are our 5 tips and best practices to standing out from the crowd.

  1. It starts before the trade show does. The key to success at trade show happens before the show even begins. Think of a trade show as a game day for your sports game. If you don’t practice and lift weights in training, odds are you won’t perform well in the game. Success at the trade show means you must concentrate 80% of your efforts on marketing your appearance before the trade show. Then 20% on the actual show itself, people aren’t going to care what font your logo is in so don’t have silly debates in the office over it before the trade show even starts.
  2. Post regularly on your social media that you’re attending the show, and let your customer base know that you’ll be there. Current customers will have connections going to the show and may even be attending the show. Word of mouth spreads fast at trade shows, so you may have satisfied customers already there that can inform others about you, so long as they know you’re actually there!
  3. Connect and engage with other companies listed. Many trade shows post guest lists and even floor maps of attendants prior to show on their website. Use this, as a tool to build a soft lead list. Then engage with meaningful content and messages to those companies, and their appropriate representatives on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Now you are building credibility, and breaking the ice before even attending the show. Warning, don’t send a generic email/ copy and pasted message to all of these soft leads, tailor your messages appropriately.
  4. Utilize the trade show social media and hashtags in the weeks following up to the show. Keep track of the trade show’s social media and advertising and be sure you use their show specific hashtag or hashtags in your posts. This way any viewer that looks at the trade show’s tag sees your regular postings. This now build’s you credibility and more awareness as other connections now will now associate you, with the trade show.
  5. Be properly prepared for the show. Now that your’e line is a mile long, you should have your best players there so you can score! Too many companies send their rookies and newer employees to shows. This is the opposite of what you want to do. These are the ambassadors of your brand, to potentially thousands of people (pending how big the trade show is). You should have your best and most outgoing, high energy, and friendly representatives attending. Put your best people in front of the most leads possible and you are bound for a successful show!

Well there are your tips for trade show success. There are more good practices to have and some practices to avoid at shows, like renting big fancy tables, that are unnecessary, or spending too much on promotional items that don’t differentiate you from the crowd. Employ your best trade show tactics, avoid the pitfalls of bad marketing, and you will be setting yourself up for successful opportunities.

STOP! 3 content questions to ask yourself before posting [quick tip]

STOP! Don’t post another LinkedIn article or respond to a comment, which can potentially hurt your brand or clutter your notifications with irrelevant material, until you ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Is it educational? We all love to share! But information that isn’t useful or worthwhile, just takes up space. Writers often call this “filler words” or “fluff” but the principle applies everywhere. You don’t have to worry though, just be sure to edit your posts with this in mind.
  2. Is it personal ? Nobody likes talking to a robot, if that were the case Siri would be everybody’s best friend. Be personable on the internet, it makes us all feel more involved. Use personal pronouns “you” and “we”, as well as conjunctions to be more informal (its the internet, not a dinner party) *never forget grammar though
  3. Is it entertaining? If your opinion generally doesn’t add a flare of your personality, you are really missing out on providing an interesting anecdote to a conversation. Next time you should respond or share that news article with some character or humor, pzazz up your posts!

There you have it folks, keep these 3 golden rules in mind when creating content, responding to articles, or commenting on updates in your network. Remember, everything you do online is content for your personal brand.

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Easy SEO tips for small businesses

How to win at SEO, with any face to face small business.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter oh my!

There are many social media platforms today, that have a direct influence on your company’s image. Nowadays it is estimated that up to 90% of people search a business online, before visiting (Forbes). A few bad reviews from irate customers can really hurt your brand image!

You may say “But I don’t, understand the internet as well as others.” or “Social Media, SEO, I’ve heard of these things but what do they have to do with me?”

Well as a business owner luckily these two concepts tie together. Social Media is great for people to see your business activities and announcements. SEO (search engine optimization) simply makes those online activities more accessible for your customers to see. So now let’s sum these ideas with a more inclusive question,

How can I use simple SEO and Social Media tactics to help my small business?


  1. If you haven’t already, claim your accounts on Google, Yelp, Yahoo Business, and any social media page’s that may have been created for you (I see it all the time where companies have Facebook and twitter pages they don’t even know about!)
  2. Once you have your pages under your management (or newly created new ones) Update the basic info and pictures, so everything is correct. Now the hard part is out of the way. Your next step is to improve those reviews!
  3. Write down the web address of your business pages.
  4. Now head on over to your local print shop or and print out these “review cards” with this information on it. Should cost you no more than $30 and a few hours on a Saturday to get this all done.
  5. Now when when you have these cards hand them out to your best customers. Ask them to leave you a review on the internet if they enjoyed your service.

Wallah! You have successfully started a digital strategy with minimal work of even touching a keyboard. This may take a some time to take effect (depending on how many of your customers you see) but the reward will be a huge internet representation without the need of hiring anyone. Even if you still aren’t comfortable with navigating the internet and doing these things yourself, you can easily have a young intern, family relative, or one of your current employees do this with you.

I hope you enjoyed the article, please share this article with anyone else you know who needs assistance with their digital strategy.

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Start with Why?: Tiger Marketing LLC

How Simon Sinek’s famous speech inspires Tiger Marketing LLC!

Alright, I’m quite sure everyone in the business world and their cat, by now has seen the viral video of Simon Sinek “start with why?”. If you haven’t seen his video or read his book with the same title, I will briefly surmise his theory (be sure to YouTube that video after reading the post though). Simon Sinek is a business consultant, and key note speaker, his particular topic “start with why?” challenges businesses to always remember why they began, and their purpose. He believes a business that knows it’s why, inspires people and makes a great company. Today, I will be sharing with you my “Why?” for starting Tiger Marketing LLC.

After finishing a degree at Harbert College of business, I returned to live with my parents in Long Island, New York. I was interviewing with several Fortune 500 companies, when I found myself asking this very question to myself, why this company?

The companies I had interviewed with are reputable in their own name, but I still asked this repetitious question to myself, why is this the best company for me? or even a good one? It wasn’t until after a long consideration and losing a final round interview to another candidate that I realized, this process wasn’t for me. I knew it was time to take a leap of faith, and do something different.

After making a final decision, and dismay of my mother(sorry again mom), I cancelled my other interviews. With the road now open, my bold aspiration for me and my company became clear. I wanted to represent myself, in a world where everyone is seeking to be labeled by someone else, and provide something irrefutably unique. No special marketing formula, or sales script a large company would provide, would allow me to achieve this.

My mission is to be the better way to do business, and provide success for those I work with. How I am distinct from the rest of the crowd is what I give to my partners I work with. I give my partners leadership in online confusion, confidence in strategic marketing planning, and work together with my clients to reach their goals. I just happen to be a highly qualified and experienced digital marketer, interested in a consult?

-Joseph Salvatore, Owner

Tiger Marketing LLC is a private digital marketing consulting company. To learn more, or for a free consultation click here.

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How your smartphone has changed your business.

Digital Marketing and social media, the brave new virtual world.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, and even television commercials were all some of the great ways business branding and advertising was done for the last nearly 100 years. Not to say these forms of media outlets can’t be useful today, but the market has both shifted and grown. Nowadays people spend about 3 hours on their smartphones whereas 10 years ago back in 2009 people spent about 90 minutes per day on their phones.

The consumer’s attention has shifted from looking up at billboards, to between the palms of your hands. Don’t believe me? After this article check into your iPhone settings and turn on “screen time” leave it on for a week and see how much time you spent looking at your phone.

Now how can businesses and their owners properly develop a strategy around these internet platforms and websites to effectively communicate with their customers, and solicit new ones? The answer is, social media interaction for branding, website and email marketing for product offerings, and creative strategies that keep pace and even ahead of your competitors.

If you have a business and are not ready or entirely convinced about developing an internet strategy, or perhaps you feel that your industry doesn’t work on the web and is still “face to face”. I encourage you to go on Google and type in ” *your industry* businesses near me” then click search. See what your competition is offering, how many of them offer online purchases, informative news-letters, “how to” videos, and social media accounts answering customer questions. Then compare it to your own presence and look for areas to improve upon to differentiate.

Take a dive into developing an online strategy, most the platforms are still free to set-up and easy to learn how to do the basics. If done right a good online strategy provides you opportunity to have your customers come to you for a change.

Thanks for reading, regular blogs starting soon!