Forget traditional SEO. Yoast, Blog, and Backlink.

1998 (I know seems like yesterday) was a big year for the internet. It was the year Google was first incorporated. Now here we are in 2019, doing whatever we can to adjust our online tactics so we appear more favorable in their search results to gain exposure to our local niches, sounds about right? Here are the new and tried and true tactics that Google loves, and you can too, to improve your websites SEO!

Yoast SEO: As you continually build your website up over the years, more page optimization will be required. Keyword remain an important part of a website for Google algorithm to crawl, but don’t try writing a novel on your website because you “want more keywords”. This practice is so outdated and makes your online presence so confusing for your customers.

More refined and small scale tactics are what work best for everyone experience now, like further optimizing your meta descriptions and “H-tags” are more important than unnecessarily lengthy content. After all, your pages should be easy not only for your customers to navigate, but anyone on the internet looking for the content your pages provide. Improving your Yoast score remains an industry standard for keeping a website up to date and responsive for its users.

Blogging represents the tried and true method of improving website content. Not only is the material reusable for your social media presence but it provides a great way to rank for some new keywords, provide engaging content, and keeps your website active. Blogging takes a fair amount of resources and material to do correctly, which is why establishing a content calendar is key for effective blogging. Many content posting calendars focus around holiday related material, like a marketing blog may post “5 tactics Nike used this 4th of July to boost sales”.

Internal and Backlink strategy: Referrals from other noteworthy domains are becoming the most prevalent form of SEO work as keywords become more overused and devalued. Here is an example of me using an internal link for my other blog post about how to promote yourself online for a trade show appearance, click here. This internal link leads the reader (you) to my other blog posts and more down my website content. is a noteworthy domain that is primarily used as a way for individuals to get a notable back link. Take a look at the layout of some of your favorite Forbes articles’ and look for the author’s back-links to their home sites.

These are a few of the tactics that should be incorporated into every website managers plan, and they are just a few practices and techniques in my package to clients.

If your website isn’t incorporating these 3 best tactics for website SEO success , then you need a new strategy.