The 4 key factors that will make your ads go from ok, to GREAT

Every now and then a great advertisement comes along that is entertaining, informative, and goes viral. Everyone can probably think of a few great ads they’ve seen that highly relate to them and even incited a purchase. For me those Old Spice commercials, Shaquille O’neall in Gold Bond, or Dollar shave club, really made for quite the memorable ads for me. There are some exciting new companies since those early 2000s ads, and they’re doing video ads even better. One example is William Painters new sunglasses ad.

All of these ads had a few simple traits to them that made them great and memorable. So here is the breakdown of the key factors and elements that make an ad go from ok, to great!

Problem definition

Establishing a problem right from the beginning of the video the William Painter ad asks “Why are sunglasses so expensive, yet break all the time?” This makes it clear to consumers what you are talking about and why the problem is prevalent.

Solution offering:

William painter immediately follows their question with their product offering and solution. A product or service offering, should clarify exactly how and why your company’s product or service is the solution for the problem.

Building rapport

Building report is the next phase, which can be done through a variety of appeals. All great commercials have emotional appeals, logical appeals and credible appeals to their audience. This is why many commercials show data, use comedy (as humor is one of the strongest human emotions), or a credible influencer (Tim Ferris in this case) on the topic discussed.

This is also the best time to tell people who your company is, where you come from, and where you are trying to go (typically this is where innovations are shown) . This is a brand building stage that allows consumers to build trust in your company.

For example William Painter’s commercial is young and comedic in theme which are now what their consumers will associate with their brand. If you’re a healthcare group running a commercial, perhaps a more effective commercial theme would be to emotions associated with compassion, and caring, to build a brand around that those things. People certainly take their personal health seriously so any comedic material may be seen as unprofessional, or even uncaring! While with sunglasses the opposite may be true. The product is revolved around beach and outdoor activities which are usually lots of fun and easygoing, a better comedic environment.

Restablish the problem and offering

Reestablishing and communicating the problem, is where you tie your company mission to the product and solving the problem at hand. This is why proper commercials will showcase their slogan’s at the end and restablish their credibility to solving the problem for the consumer(you).


Many companies confuse this order and don’t introduce who they are until the end of an advertisement. Company’s also make the mistake of trying to build rapport before offering to solve a problem. It is as improper as starting a conversation with a new person without giving them your name. These bad practices typically confuse the consumer, and make the advertisement more forgettable. The last thing a company should do is spend lots of money making a commercial, only to miss simple communication steps.

There you have it! Try and consider this framework the next time you see a great advertisement, or try and make one for yourself.

Provided by Tiger Marketing LLC

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