STOP! 3 content questions to ask yourself before posting [quick tip]

STOP! Don’t post another LinkedIn article or respond to a comment, which can potentially hurt your brand or clutter your notifications with irrelevant material, until you ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Is it educational? We all love to share! But information that isn’t useful or worthwhile, just takes up space. Writers often call this “filler words” or “fluff” but the principle applies everywhere. You don’t have to worry though, just be sure to edit your posts with this in mind.
  2. Is it personal ? Nobody likes talking to a robot, if that were the case Siri would be everybody’s best friend. Be personable on the internet, it makes us all feel more involved. Use personal pronouns “you” and “we”, as well as conjunctions to be more informal (its the internet, not a dinner party) *never forget grammar though
  3. Is it entertaining? If your opinion generally doesn’t add a flare of your personality, you are really missing out on providing an interesting anecdote to a conversation. Next time you should respond or share that news article with some character or humor, pzazz up your posts!

There you have it folks, keep these 3 golden rules in mind when creating content, responding to articles, or commenting on updates in your network. Remember, everything you do online is content for your personal brand.

Provided by Tiger Marketing LLC