Start with Why?: Tiger Marketing LLC

How Simon Sinek’s famous speech inspires Tiger Marketing LLC!

Alright, I’m quite sure everyone in the business world and their cat, by now has seen the viral video of Simon Sinek “start with why?”. If you haven’t seen his video or read his book with the same title, I will briefly surmise his theory (be sure to YouTube that video after reading the post though). Simon Sinek is a business consultant, and key note speaker, his particular topic “start with why?” challenges businesses to always remember why they began, and their purpose. He believes a business that knows it’s why, inspires people and makes a great company. Today, I will be sharing with you my “Why?” for starting Tiger Marketing LLC.

After finishing a degree at Harbert College of business, I returned to live with my parents in Long Island, New York. I was interviewing with several Fortune 500 companies, when I found myself asking this very question to myself, why this company?

The companies I had interviewed with are reputable in their own name, but I still asked this repetitious question to myself, why is this the best company for me? or even a good one? It wasn’t until after a long consideration and losing a final round interview to another candidate that I realized, this process wasn’t for me. I knew it was time to take a leap of faith, and do something different.

After making a final decision, and dismay of my mother(sorry again mom), I cancelled my other interviews. With the road now open, my bold aspiration for me and my company became clear. I wanted to represent myself, in a world where everyone is seeking to be labeled by someone else, and provide something irrefutably unique. No special marketing formula, or sales script a large company would provide, would allow me to achieve this.

My mission is to be the better way to do business, and provide success for those I work with. How I am distinct from the rest of the crowd is what I give to my partners I work with. I give my partners leadership in online confusion, confidence in strategic marketing planning, and work together with my clients to reach their goals. I just happen to be a highly qualified and experienced digital marketer, interested in a consult?

-Joseph Salvatore, Owner

Tiger Marketing LLC is a private digital marketing consulting company. To learn more, or for a free consultation click here.

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