How your smartphone has changed your business.

Digital Marketing and social media, the brave new virtual world.

Newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, and even television commercials were all some of the great ways business branding and advertising was done for the last nearly 100 years. Not to say these forms of media outlets can’t be useful today, but the market has both shifted and grown. Nowadays people spend about 3 hours on their smartphones whereas 10 years ago back in 2009 people spent about 90 minutes per day on their phones.

The consumer’s attention has shifted from looking up at billboards, to between the palms of your hands. Don’t believe me? After this article check into your iPhone settings and turn on “screen time” leave it on for a week and see how much time you spent looking at your phone.

Now how can businesses and their owners properly develop a strategy around these internet platforms and websites to effectively communicate with their customers, and solicit new ones? The answer is, social media interaction for branding, website and email marketing for product offerings, and creative strategies that keep pace and even ahead of your competitors.

If you have a business and are not ready or entirely convinced about developing an internet strategy, or perhaps you feel that your industry doesn’t work on the web and is still “face to face”. I encourage you to go on Google and type in ” *your industry* businesses near me” then click search. See what your competition is offering, how many of them offer online purchases, informative news-letters, “how to” videos, and social media accounts answering customer questions. Then compare it to your own presence and look for areas to improve upon to differentiate.

Take a dive into developing an online strategy, most the platforms are still free to set-up and easy to learn how to do the basics. If done right a good online strategy provides you opportunity to have your customers come to you for a change.

Thanks for reading, regular blogs starting soon!